Comprehensive API and website testing platform

API Ping is a comprehensive platform that enables developers to easily and effectively test REST APIs and static websites. With API Ping, users can quickly create and execute simple or complex tests, define assertions based on XPath or JSONPath, and receive notifications when tests fail. By providing a user-friendly interface and a variety of testing options, API Ping saves developers time and effort and helps ensure that their projects function as intended.

Easy Test Automation

API Ping offers a simple and intuitive way to create and automate tests for REST APIs and static websites. With the ability to create simple "pings" or complex tests scripted via an online Hurl editor, API Ping allows users to run tests automatically at scheduled intervals. This feature saves time and improves testing efficiency, allowing users to quickly identify and resolve issues with their projects.


With API Ping, users can define assertions based on XPath to navigate through HTML or JSONPath to walk through the JSON response returned from the server. This feature allows for flexible testing that can adapt to the specific needs of each project. Users can easily create custom assertions and manage them from within the platform, making it easy to fine-tune their tests and ensure accurate and reliable results.

CI/CD Pipelines

API Ping's REST API endpoints feature provides an easy way to integrate testing into Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. By generating an API token in the API Ping dashboard and using it to call the REST API endpoints, users can schedule tests automatically and receive detailed results that can be integrated into their pipeline. This feature allows for seamless integration of testing into the CI/CD process, ensuring that changes to code are thoroughly tested before being deployed. Additionally, by pulling data from the API Ping dashboard via the REST API, users can create custom dashboards that display key metrics and testing results, providing greater visibility into the testing process and allowing users to identify patterns and trends over time.


API Ping platform provides comprehensive reporting that includes detailed logs and reports that show exactly what happened during each test. The platform provides color-coded alerts to quickly identify which tests passed and which failed. Users can access the results of their tests directly from the dashboard, and receive email notifications when a test fails. This feature provides peace of mind and helps users stay on top of any issues that arise with their projects.

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